The Major Scale


All major scales are created in the same way. They can start on any note.


The scale is composed by adding notes at the following intervals:




Name of note Sol-fa name C major G major Interval to next note
Key note, tonic Do C G Tone
Supertonic Re D A Tone
Mediant Mi E B Semitone
Sub-dominant Fa F C Tone
Dominant Sol G D Tone
Sub-mediant La A E Tone
Leading note Ti B F# Semitone
Key note, tonic Do C G Tone

For example, here are C and G major in both the treble and bass clefs.




Major scales start on C, G, D, A, E, B(Cb), F# or Gb, Db(C#), Ab, Eb, Bb, F

Key note Alternative name Number of Sharps or flats
G   1 sharp
D   2 sharps
A   3 sharps
E   4 sharps
B Cb 5 sharps (7 flats)
F# Gb 6 flats 6 sharps
Db C# 5 flats (7 sharps)
Ab   4 flats
Eb   3 flats
Bb   2 flats
F   1 flat